The Pros and Cons of Home Additions

The Pros and Cons of Home Additions

If your family is growing and your home is feeling cramped, you may be considering moving. However, if you love your current home and neighborhood, the home remodeling and renovation route may be more appealing. There are many great advantages to a home addition, but a few downsides as well. Read on for a quick guide.

Home Additions

The Pros

You Won’t Have to Move. If you like living in your neighborhood then this is an absolute plus. Moving is a big hassle, especially if it involves uprooting children from their school.

More Control Over the Budget. By choosing to stay put and building an addition, you can have better control over the work that gets done and can complete the project in stages if your budget requires. You can even take a DIY approach to certain things like home painting services.

Build Only the Space You Need. Rather than relying on what houses are currently available, you can build an addition that is specifically designed for your exact needs. 

The Cons

It’s Disruptive. By building an addition, you and your family could be dealing with noises, dust and other disruptions associated with any kind of construction work for weeks or even months.

Limited Lot Space. An addition will always be limited to the size of your lot. You may need to sacrifice your yard space to be able to accommodate the addition. 

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