Top Interior Paint Color Trends for 2022

Top Interior Paint Color Trends for 2022

Whether it is a part of a full-scale home remodeling project or a standalone one, a new coat of paint can instantly give your interior a refreshing look. If you are unsure about which shade to choose, you can draw inspiration from what experts predict will be the biggest interior paint color trends for next year.

Top Interior Paint Color Trends for 2022

Shades of Green

Many paint brands have considered green to be 2022’s go-to color. Sherwin-Williams chose an earthy shade of green with hints of gray, denoting a departure from the previous color trends that have been dominated by cool neutrals. Glidden picked avocado green, which gives off both a relaxing and invigorating vibe, while PPG selected a soft shade of green reminiscent of the aloe vera plant, representing regrowth and resiliency.

Throwback Colors

Every home remodeling contractor has seen the recent popularity of the grandmillenial interior design trend. It combines nostalgia with modern sensibilities, and with it are hues that experts predict will continue to be trendy through next year. Farrow & Ball, known for their historic color palettes, curated a handful that encapsulates simplicity. It includes a cheerful yellow, a soft off-white and, of course, a beautiful shade of green.

Colors of Nature

Another interior paint color trend on the rise next year involves a color palette that works well together with the greens mentioned above. It includes soothing hues found in nature, including warm neutrals, dusty pastels and light to dark shades of blues. These choices evoke a sense of peace and optimism, two things many people need in these times of uncertainty.

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