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Benefits of Wall Texture

There are few different types of wall texture that are commonly applied to interior walls to choose from. While it is important to know what kind of textures are available, it is even more important to fully understand the benefits of this pre-home painting step. Norhtside Construction Services explains why you should add texture to your walls.

Hide Flaws

Nail holes, dents, cracks and other imperfections in your drywall may really stand out on a smooth surface. That is why so many homeowners choose to add at least a little bit of texture. The texture works to mask those flaws and make your walls look like a million bucks.

Increase Visual Appeal

Maybe you personally do not care that your walls are not in perfect condition. However, if you think you may put your home on the market in the near future, adding texture could be a great idea. Since texture does hide minor flaws, it actually works to increase the visual appeal of your project. A basement finishing may not be complete without some wall texture.

Easier Installation

Creating a good-looking flat wall can be done, but it may take the professionals a little longer to complete. When adding texture, however, it is easier to finish the painting project. When you are trying to decide whether to do a textured or smooth wall, you need to think about the timeline you want to maintain.

Cleaner Look

While smooth walls may be easier to clean, textured walls are actually known for looking cleaner for a longer period of time. This may be because the texture is able to hide dirt a little better.

Consider Your Style

Before you call in your home remodeling contractor in Evans, GA, Northside Construction Services, to add texture, you need to think about your personal style. Do you like the look of a textured wall, or do you prefer something that is smooth? Both have their benefits, so it may come down to which you prefer. If you do decide to add texture, remember there are a number of options available for your walls. Call us today to learn more.

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