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6 Ways to Add More Storage to Your Bathroom

Sometimes home remodeling in Evans, GA, or the nearby area, has a tighter footprint than others. For example, when you try to remodel a bathroom, you may not be able to make the space any bigger. This means if you want to create a bigger shower, you may have to lose precious storage space. Northside Construction Services shares ways to get creative with your storage capabilities.

  1. Shelving: A shelf above the sink, door or toilet can give you a little more room for important toiletries.
  2. Door Hangers: Whether you want to hang towels on the back of your bathroom door or important beauty accessories from cabinet doors, door hangers can help give more storage in a small space.
  3. Wall Cabinets: Hanging a cabinet above the toilet can add tons of storage and give you the privacy that shelving lacks. With a drawer unit inside, this simple bathroom remodel may be able to give you more organization as well.
  4. Peg Rail Shelf: The pegs give you a place to hang towels or washcloths while the shelf gives you a place to put other toiletries.
  5. Spice Racks: If you are looking for a small rack to hold makeup, hanging spice racks on your wall may give you the storage you need most. This simple home repair can give you more space in your kitchen too.
  6. Baskets: You can stack baskets by the sink or put one on the back of the toilet, but no matter what you do, you now have some extra space for your bathroom items.

There are a lot of creative ways you can add storage even to the smallest of spaces. With the right storage solutions, a cramped bathroom can remain functional. No matter how much storage you are hoping to add, you can work with our team here at Northside Construction Services for your bathroom remodeling in Evans, GA, or the local area. Contact us now to learn more.

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Types of Interior Wall Texture

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