Types of Interior Wall Texture

Wall texture is something you may not think about often. Commonly, these textures are used to ensure interior walls look uniform. Some minor flaws can really stand out when a wall is left completely flat. That being said, too much texture can lead to rough walls that attract too much attention. When your home remodeling contractor in the Evans, GA, or the nearby area, area paints your walls, you may get to choose the texture your walls have.

Hand Applied

Some wall textures can actually be applied by hand. During a basement finishing, your contractor may give you a few hand applied options. In reality, the texture of your wall is limited only by what the contractor can do. Some examples include:

  • Swirl
  • Rosebud Stomp
  • Hawk and Trowel
  • Santa-Fe Texture

There are different tools that can be used to apply the texture. Some require the use of a hand trowel or knife. In some cases, the drywall mud is applied to the wall and then a paintbrush is used to create a unique texture. Because all of this texture is done by hand, there may be variations even from one room to the next.

Sprayer Applied

If you want a little more uniformity, a sprayer applied texture may be for you. Before the interior home painting, your contractor’s crew has to bring in a sprayer, which they then use to literally spray your wall with texture. The common options with this application method are popcorn, splatter knockdown and orange peel. The texture may vary based on the nozzle and amount of compressed air used.

Learn More About Your Options

Before you pick a texture type for your walls, you should talk with your contractor in Evans, GA, or the nearby area, like Northside Construction Services. We are happy to answer your questions about wall textures. For example, if you wanted some texture, you may be able to get a subtle orange peel texture. Your contractor may also be able to help you understand the benefits of this process. Contact us now to learn more.