Kitchen Remodeling 101: The Work Triangle vs. Work Zones

Kitchen Remodeling 101: The Work Triangle vs. Work Zones

The work triangle has been a standard in kitchen remodeling design for generations. Even homeowners who have not renovated their kitchens are probably familiar with this concept, in which the fridge, cooktop and sink are configured in a “triangle” to aid in an easy workflow. This layout has been popular for over 90 years and is still common today. However, another concept has been slowly gaining popularity among home remodeling companies that specialize in a more modern aesthetic: the kitchen work zones. Today, we take a look at both.

Kitchen Remodeling

The Work Triangle

A kitchen with a work triangle configuration is convenient and functional since all the important elements are close to each other. This means you can work more efficiently in the kitchen since you won’t waste a lot of steps moving from one station to another.

Your home remodeling contractor may suggest this layout if you spend a lot of time cooking because it minimizes foot traffic through the kitchen, increasing productivity and convenience. It also gives you the perfect amount of counter space between your sink and major appliances, which is a huge plus. 

Kitchen Work Zones

This is a relatively new design approach that divides your kitchen into zones. Instead of putting too much focus on the distance between your major appliances, it breaks up the kitchen layout by function with each area having everything you need to perform your tasks. Think of it as a sort of assembly line. You have your area for food storage, an area for prepping, storage for pots, pans, plates, and cutlery and, finally, another area for cleaning and waste disposal.

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