Expert Tips on Building Room Additions to Your Home

Expert Tips on Building Room Additions to Your Home

Moving is not your only option for your growing family. Home additions are great for when you need more living space or if you want to have a room for your guests. An addition can also be an extra bathroom or a new garage. 

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Get helpful room addition tips from a trusted home repair and remodeling expert. 

Formulate a Plan

Are you planning to add an extra bedroom or a playroom for your kids? Make sure that the addition that you are planning to build fits in your home or within your property lines. When creating plans for your project, see if the construction will affect utility lines or pipes. Make sure the structural changes you’re planning are suitable to the foundation and framing of your home. 

Moreover, consider how the new room will increase your property’s value, and the construction will affect your home’s exterior. You’ll need to hire an architect or builder to create detailed plans describing the work involved and the materials required. 

Choose Experienced Contractors

Whether you are planning a basement finishing or home addition project, working with reliable professionals is a must. Consulting and obtaining quotes from at least three different companies can help you choose which is best for your needs. Doing so will also give you an idea about the estimated cost of your home addition. Do your research, read customer feedback, and ask for proof of license and insurance before hiring a contractor.

Set a Reasonable Budget for Your Project

After getting estimates from professionals, you’ll get a grasp of how much your project may cost. From the bids you got, add at least 15 to 20 percent of the total cost for unexpected expenses. A reliable contractor will suggest materials that are ideal for your home and your budget.

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