Everything You Need to Know About Cowboy Builders

Everything You Need to Know About Cowboy Builders

When it comes to home remodeling, you need to entrust the job to someone who can deliver quality work at a fair price. It’s not always easy to know who to turn to, however, and unfortunately not all contractors are ethical. “Cowboy builders” are shoddy contractors who knock on your door after a storm passes through promising quick fixes, only to perform subpar work and then disappear afterward.

In this post, your trusted Northside Construction Services explains how to spot a cowboy builder.

Signs of a Cowboy Builder

  1. They don’t have references – Only an established builder can provide references from satisfied clients. A lack of references means either they don’t have them, or they rendered subpar work tor previous clients and don’t want you to know about it.

  2.  They come to you – If a builder knocks from your door without being invited over and offers to do a quick fix or provide home painting services, they’re most likely a cowboy builder.

  3. Their estimates are suspiciously low – Always get quotes from tradespeople because if someone offers a suspiciously low price, they may be using improper materials to do the job.

  4. They refuse to pay taxes and won’t give a proper quote – Never trust a contractor who doesn’t pay taxes. This means they’re running an illegal business and you don’t want any part in that.

  5. They don’t offer a contract and have no registered business address – A contractor that refuses to provide a contract is not to be trusted. The contract is a legal document that offers protection to both parties. Never fork over any money to a contractor if you don’t have a contract in place.

  6. They wanted to get paid right away – A cowboy builder will likely ask for full payment up front, before the job has even started. If they do this, take your business elsewhere because it will be all too easy for them to take your money and leave before they’ve fulfilled their end of the bargain.

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