5 Major Bathroom Mistakes You Need to Avoid

5 Major Bathroom Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting undertaking that can significantly improve the look, feel and functionality of one of the most-used areas of your home. However, there are a few common mistakes homeowners make when tackling this project that you need to avoid.

To ensure a successful project, you need to carefully plan every single detail, from the type of water system, placement of the tub and type of taps you want to use, and so much more.

Today, Northside Construction Services highlights five common mistakes to avoid when investing in bathroom remodeling or home repair:

1. Not Thinking Through Your Goals Ahead of Time – Some homeowners make the mistake of jumping into the project before carefully thinking through what they want to achieve. Consider how many people use the bathroom and what the current challenges are with the layout and functionality. Make remodeling decisions with the goal of resolving those specific issues.

2. No Windows or Skylight – A bathroom is best situated along an outside wall with windows. If that’s not possible, you can also install a skylight to let fresh air and natural light into the space.

3. Wrong Location – Never position your bathroom too close to your kitchen, living room or dining room. It’s best to have the bathroom located in a separate area of the home.

4. Faulty Measurements – A bathroom with inaccurate measurements will cause you inconvenience. Make sure to get the right measurements so that the bath or toilet will fit comfortably.

5. Investing in Conflicting Products – Make sure that your water system is compatible with the elegant shower kit you’re eyeing. You can always seek help from a professional plumber regarding your water system to help you identify what you need.

A great bathroom design should be both beautiful and functional. If you’re planning to do some basement finishing or bathroom remodeling, turn to Northside Construction Services, Inc. Give us a call at (404) 392-5858 or fill out our contact form to set a consultation. We serve clients in Lawrenceville, Johns Creek and Cumming, GA.