When Should You Re-Caulk Your Bathroom?

When Should You Re-Caulk Your Bathroom?

There are countless bathroom remodel designs, but if there’s one thing that all bathrooms share, it’s that they need to be re-caulked every few years! Of course, how and when this should be done depends on several variables since not all bathrooms are made the same.

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When’s the right time to have your bathroom re-caulked? Here’s what home repair and bathroom contractor Northside Construction Services has to say: 

How Caulk Works

Caulk is a thick, flexible, and adhesive material that acts as both a glue and sealant. It is applied along exposed joints using a caulking gun and cures as it dries. This is especially useful in bathrooms to seal the grout lines between your wall and tub. This minimizes leaks as well as prevents mold and mildew from proliferating. 

When Should You Re-Caulk Your Bathroom? 

Professional bathroom remodeling contractors know that caulk usually lasts around five years. But other factors can affect the length of time between its replacement, such as the quality of the caulk used, condition of the surface when it was applied, the actual caulking process, and the cleaning routine. After application, if the caulking starts to deteriorate in about 12 months or less, then it was likely not intended for bathroom use.

If you’re planning to re-caulk your bathroom during your remodeling process, make sure to look first for caulk damage in places that are always wet or where water always hits. This includes edges, corners, and bases of your sink, shower, or tub. If you see caulk damage in these areas, they should be re-caulked as soon as possible.

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