The Four Signs of a Paint Job Gone Bad

The Four Signs of a Paint Job Gone Bad

Giving your home a fresh paint job is a great way to give it a new look, but there’s more to painting than just applying the new coating. If not done properly, you’ll just end up wasting more funds on retouching a bad paint job. As the leading home remodeling contractor in the area, we’re here to tell you the four signs of a paint job gone bad. 

The Four Signs of a Paint Job Gone Bad

1. Uneven Coating

A new coating of paint can’t just be applied haphazardly. If the painter does not apply the coating evenly across the surface, you will easily find spots with thicker coating compared to others. Uneven coating can also be caused by the painter simply not applying enough layers to stretch out the paint supply in a poor effort to cut down on costs.

2. Bubbling

This one tends to show up later on, well after the paint has dried. Some spots of a badly-painted surface will develop air pockets that can later pop, causing paint “blisters”. According to home remodeling experts, this problem can be avoided if the painter is careful about preparing the surface prior to applying the fresh paint.

3. Pale Color

Are you surprised that your freshly-painted wall or roof looks a bit pale? If that’s the case, there’s a good chance that the painter forgot to apply the primer before applying the paint. The primer brings out the fresh paint’s color, resulting in more vibrant coloration.

4. Debris Stuck on Surface

When the paint job is complete, your freshly-coated surface must look clean and smooth. If the painter doesn’t keep the area clean during the coating and drying process, small bits of debris can get stuck in the paint and ruin the finished look. This is why the best in home painting services are particular about keeping the surfaces clean throughout the duration of the project.

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