What Is the Best Location for a Sunroom?

What Is the Best Location for a Sunroom?

A sunroom can be beneficial to your home. Generally, it can be built anywhere on your property, but the best location for it is determined by its primary use, the existing architecture of your house and your budget. 

What Is the Best Location for a Sunroom?

To help you determine the ideal location for your sunroom, here are the main things to consider.

Benefits of a Sunroom

There are many advantages to having a sunroom, especially when it is located in the most suitable spot in your home. A well-insulated sunroom can be enjoyed all year. It can be utilized as a home office, gym or entertainment room. The abundance of natural light in a sunroom can also be beneficial to your health and improve your productivity. Furthermore, a sunroom can increase your home’s resale value. A well-located sunroom can attract more buyers and increase your home’s curb appeal.

Top Considerations When Selecting a Location for Your Sunroom

Primary Use

You should focus on the primary use of your sunroom. Do you want a sunroom that gets as much sunlight as possible during the day? If so, place your sunroom on the south side of your house. An east-facing room is perfect for watching the sunrise while a west-facing room provides a view of the sunset and late afternoon sun.


Another important thing to consider when deciding on your sunroom’s best location is the climate in your area. During winter, a south-facing sunroom will capture the most sunlight for homeowners in colder climates. Meanwhile, a sunroom that extends out from a home’s southeastern corner will receive morning light and shade from the late afternoon sun. This will help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day. For warmer climates, a north-facing sunroom should be partially shaded for much of the afternoon to keep the indoor temperature cooler.

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