Trending Remodeling Ideas to Consider in 2022

Trending Remodeling Ideas to Consider in 2022

The kitchen is more than just a place for food preparation. It is also a gathering place for family and friends and can even serve as a temporary home office or an extended living room with a tv placed near the countertop. However you use your kitchen, if you’re planning a major renovation this year, make sure to work with a trusted home remodeling contractor such as Northside Construction Services. We’ll make sure to turn your dream kitchen into a reality! 

Trending Remodeling Ideas to Consider in 2022

Here’s our list of design ideas that are trending this year: 

More Pet-Friendly Features

Record numbers of people have adopted pets during the pandemic. Whether you already have a pet dog or cat or are planning to adopt one this year, it helps to plan out your new kitchen with your furry companions in mind. From laminate flooring to pull-out hidden food and water dishes, the possibilities are almost endless. Talk to your contractor about what pet-friendly features you can incorporate into the kitchen!

Glass Partitions 

In any type of home remodeling project, a glazed partition can be useful to drown out the unnecessary audio coming from the adjacent room without affecting the sense of openness and compromising the natural light. This is especially useful in a kitchen as it can also help keep the smells from wafting to other areas of your home. Glazed partitions are also neat to incorporate in your kitchen if you want to create a sense of big, open spaces without having an actual open plan kitchen.

Green Color Schemes

Green has been chosen by many paint brands as the color of 2022 because it embodies rejuvenation, calm and relaxation. It helps bring ease both physically and mentally, which can help boost productivity when applied in your new kitchen remodel. Consider a rustic green color scheme with a white base on your cabinets and backsplashes and you’ll have a kitchen remodel that meets both old and new design elements.

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