Don’t Forget to Document Your Remodeling Project

Don’t Forget to Document Your Remodeling Project

If your home remodeling project is going according to plan, you might forget to snap photos of the progress. Taking before and after photos is relatively simple, and most contractors often do this themselves as part of their documenting process. But taking photos yourself is also a good idea, as these can serve as a personal record of the remodeling project.

 Document Your Remodeling Project

It’s important to document each step of the remodeling process. Doing so provides more than just visual proof of how the remodeling project has gone, but also helps you prepare in case something goes wrong after the renovation. Our home repair team at Northside Construction Services share more insight:

It’s Easier to Keep Track of Previous Projects

Previous renovations might have already been done to accommodate family changes or to update older design elements. Documenting all the structural changes made during the remodeling process will make it easier to keep track of what’s behind the walls and beneath the floors of your home. Doing this also prevents accidentally damaging the plumbing and electrical wiring during a future remodel! 

You’ll Know Who Remodeled Your Home

As a homeowner, you need to accurately document who’s doing which in your home remodeling project. This makes it easier to contact them later on in case a component fails unexpectedly. For instance, if there are plumbing issues that arise after the bathroom remodeling project’s completion, you’ll know which company to talk to about fixing it.

You’ll Also Have Visual Proof of the Remodel

If you’re planning to sell your home soon, you’ll need to document the remodeling progress properly. You’ll need to collect receipts or even create a reference list of what was done and who did it. A reference list can make a solid case and justify the asking price of your home. You should also provide visual proof as well by taking before-and-after photos and keeping them in an album so that you can show them to potential buyers.

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