Sunroom vs. Room Addition: Which Is Best for You?

Sunroom vs. Room Addition: Which Is Best for You?

Renovating or expanding your home is often a more cost-effective option than buying a new house. It also saves you from the stress and hassle of moving. Room additions and sunrooms are two of the most popular options for adding additional living spaces in homes. 

Learn about the difference between sunrooms and room additions and get guidance on which one is right for your home from the home repair and renovation experts at Northside Construction Services. 

Sunroom vs. Home Addition

A sunroom is mainly composed of glass, letting you enjoy a full view of the outdoors. Most sunrooms have doors leading outside, usually to the backyard. 

Room additions are best for those who need a space that provides more privacy, such as an extra bedroom. You can install plumbing in a room addition, which is ideal if you want to add a kitchen or bathroom. 

At Northside Construction Services, we specialize in both bathroom remodeling and additions. We will make sure the exterior of your new addition or sunroom blends seamlessly with your existing architecture and decor. 

The International Energy Conservation Code prohibits air-conditioned living spaces from having more than 40 percent glass on the walls. Heating and cooling aren’t necessary for sunrooms, but you can ask your contractor to install a unit if needed. Four seasons sunrooms stay well-insulated throughout the year and heating and cooling requirements are usually minimal.

Which Is Best for You?

Your family can enjoy different activities in a sunroom. It can be used for entertaining guests, exercising, fining, and relaxing. It provides a great outdoor view while protecting you against harsh elements and weather extremes. 

A room addition is perfect for you if your family is growing and you need another bedroom. It’s a cost-effective solution to get the extra space you need and increase your home’s usable square footage. It can also improve your home’s value and comfort. 

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