Pets at Home: 6 Ideas to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Pets at Home: 6 Ideas to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Pets are an integral part of your family, so it’s only natural you want them to feel at home. That’s why you should consider them whenever you have plans of conducting a home remodeling job. In what ways can you make your home more pet-friendly?

Pets at Home: 6 Ideas to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

In this post, Northside Construction Services shares six ideas:

  1. Bathroom Stations and Litter Box Area – If you have a large dog, consider having your home remodeling contractor replace your tub/shower combination with a walk-in shower. That would make it easier to give your dog a bath. For cats, consider having a special area designed in the bathroom for discreet litter box storage.

  1. Ramp – Just like aging humans, aging pets sometimes have mobility issues that make going up and down  the stairs difficult. Consider having a ramp built to make the home more comfortable and safe for your furry friends.

  1. Fence Window – To keep your dog from escaping your property, you should have a fence built. Consider installing a fence window to allow your dog to see beyond your backyard.

  1. Sleeping Area –  Consider having a personal nook for your dog built. This would make your pet feel safe and secure when they sleep. It will also look tidier than leaving a pet bed in the middle of the hall or living room.

  1. Food and Medicine Cabinet – If you’re having your kitchen remodeled, include a cabinet for your pet’s food, treats and any medication. You can also install a water fountain for your pet by connecting it to your home’s water line.

  1. Pet Door – This would allow your dog or cat to go in and out of the house whenever they please. With a pet door, you no longer have to rush home after work to let them out or hire a pet sitter. It will also give them adequate exercise. Of course, make sure that your property is securely fenced in before making this upgrade.

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