Must-Follow Tips for Baby Proofing Your House

Must-Follow Tips for Baby Proofing Your House

Welcoming a new child into your home requires big adjustments. One of the most important things you’ll need to do to prepare for the new addition is baby proof your home. Today, Northside Construction Services, Inc. shares some tips.

Install Safety Gates

Many parts of the house should be off-limits to a curious, wandering toddler. Staircases, the kitchen and places with open water like a pool are at the top of the list of every reputable home remodeling contractor.

Rethink the Storage of Hazardous Items

Sooner or later, your child is going to learn how to rummage through cabinets and drawers. Before that day comes, make sure that dangerous items like cutlery or laundry detergent are out of reach. Use magnets for bottom cabinetry for good measure.

Plug Unused Outlets

Cover every single unused electrical outlet in the house with baby-safe plugs. You should also unplug appliances when they are not in use.

Secure and Soften Heavy Furniture

Bolt down pieces of furniture that could be pulled over or climbed on by your little one. If you’re not sure how to do this, a home remodeling contractor can help you. If your units have sharp areas, use corner guards to prevent your child from inuring themselves.

Mind the Doors

Doorways are some of the most accident-prone places for babies. Buy door holders and stoppers to protect your child.

Don’t Trust Window Screens 

Over 3,300 American children are hospitalized every year due to falling from a window. Do not let window screens give you a false sense of security. They may not hold up even against the limited strength of a child.

Aside from retrofitting your windows with safety features such as window guards and window stops, the best way to avoid accidents is to keep them closed and locked.

Whether you need baby proofing or home painting services in preparation for your child’s arrival, Northside Construction Services, Inc. is here to help. Call (404) 392-5858 to schedule an appointment with us and get a free estimate in Evans or Augusta, GA!