Everything You Need to Know About Breeze Blocks

Everything You Need to Know About Breeze Blocks

The mid century modern revival has made breeze blocks a popular exterior design element for homeowners in warmer states. They look incredibly iconic and they can add a decorative dimension to a home’s architecture. In today’s article, Northside Construction Services, Inc., the leading home repair company in our local area, discusses everything you need to know about breeze blocks.


What Are Breeze Blocks?

Breeze blocks are cinder blocks that are designed to be used for decoration. They come in many different patterns and they were incredibly popular back in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Breeze blocks are called that because they can allow a breeze to pass through a wall, cooling the people inside. This makes them popular for homes near the beach or in any area that feels warm most of the time.

How Do You Use Breeze Blocks?

Breeze blocks have intricate details and geometric texture so they are a perfect choice for homeowners who want to add visual interest to their exterior. As an expert in exterior renovations and basement finishing, we suggest using breeze blocks in the following ways

  • Feature Wall – You can use breeze blocks to bring your outdoor space to life. Their geometric patterns make for a visually pleasing design element. Consider using breeze blocks to make feature panels, feature strips or an entire feature wall.
  • Kitchen Island – Breeze blocks aren’t just limited to exterior design. You can use breeze blocks to add a decorative touch to a kitchen island. Breeze blocks can make a room feel more sunny because of their beachfront vibe.
  • Privacy Screen – Breeze blocks can be a good alternative to privacy fences and privacy screens. They can effectively block line of sight at certain angles, but do note that beach blocks often have gaps. The advantage of using breeze blocks this way is that they often look more interesting than a simple screen because of their geometric patterns.

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