How To Budget for a Remodeling Project

Budgeting for a remodeling project can be a challenge for many homeowners. Unexpected expenses come up and derail your plans. However, home remodeling in Evans, GA, or the local area, doesn’t have to break your budget. Northside Construction Services explain the steps to follow to create a budget.

Get a Rough Idea

How much would your dream remodeling project cost? Try to figure out the potential cost of materials and labor. You can talk with your contractor to get a better idea of an estimated cost. At this point, don’t let cost deter you. You’re just trying to get an idea of what you would have to spend as a worst case scenario. Part of your rough idea may include getting quotes from contractors.

Figure Out What You Can Afford

Now that you know how much the high end finishes would cost, you have to figure out what you can actually afford for your home remodeling in Evans, GA, or the local area. Think about how much cash you have for the project or how big of a loan you can qualify for. If you are getting a loan, make sure to think about what your monthly payments would be before pulling the trigger on your project.

Make the Project Fit Your Budget

At this point, you may have two very different numbers. The first, and probably bigger one, is what your dream remodeling project would cost. The second is what your remodeling budget actually is. You have to make the bigger number fit into your budget.

  • Instead of putting in granite countertops, consider a less expensive material like laminate.
  • Consider keeping old appliances that still work.
  • Refinish bathtubs or cabinets rather than replacing them.
  • Break your project into sections to allow you to tackle a bit now and more later.

Even though you have to make some changes, your contractor will likely be able to help you make smart choice that you’ll be happy with in the end. You can keep your budget on track by working with a contractor on your home remodeling in Evans, GA, or the local area.

Contact Northside Construction Services today to learn more about how to set a budget for your next remodeling project, or to get a free estimate.