Biggest Challenges When Finishing a Basement

Biggest Challenges When Finishing a Basement

In remodeling, every room presents a unique set of challenges, and the basement is no exception. This underutilized area offers great potential when it comes to expanding your living space. After all, this insular corner of your home may have the highest square footage in the house.

Biggest Challenges When Finishing a Basement

Unlike the other rooms, though, the basement is usually not primarily designed for living. Typically, it’s intended to be a repository of unwanted items or a storage area for bulky and noisy HVAC equipment. Turning a basement into auxiliary living space can be a daunting task.

As the local authority on basement, kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, Northside Construction Services talks the biggest pain points of renovating a room below ground:

Controlling Significant Moisture

Considering its proximity to the ground, a basement usually has a high level of moisture, whether coming from the earth or outside. The first hurdle to remodeling your basement is finding a way to eliminate moisture in the space.

At Northside Construction Services, we thoroughly inspect a basement to identify any moisture problem and uncover the culprit behind it. This way, we can perform the necessary home repair to keep the space dry moving forward.

Having an Outdated Electrical System

The electrical system in your basement may need an overhaul to comply with building codes. Without enough walls, laying the groundwork for the electrical infrastructure becomes a tougher job.

Lacking Natural Light

One of the reasons why basements are usually damp and musty is because they’re sun-deprived. The absence of windows prevents the moisture from drying up.

Installing a glass unit or two is a non-negotiable requirement when tackling a basement finishing project. The addition of windows to this space provides not only a source of light but also a means of egress and ingress, which is required by code.

Let Northside Construction Services assess the feasibility of your basement remodeling project and determine the main challenges to expect. Call us at (678) 233-2400 to set up your appointment and get a free estimate in Lawrenceville, Johns Creek or Cumming, GA.