Avoiding Common Mistakes When Building an In-Law Suite

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Building an In-Law Suite

Over the years, more families have welcomed the idea of taking care of their elderly parents or relatives. This has prompted them to add in-law suites to their home’s layout. If you’re preparing to hire home repair and addition experts to  accommodate your elderly loved ones, here are concerns you must carefully consider:

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Building an In-Law Suite

1. Adequate Utility Access

Prepare for the additional bedroom, enough water pressure, and an electrical system that can handle the extra load to ensure it can accommodate everyone inside the household.

2. Wider doorways and bigger windows

Doorways in the area that the older person will be living in should be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or a walker. It is also important to have bigger windows for natural light and proper ventilation.

3. Grab bars in the bathroom

Expect bathroom remodeling for the elder’s safety. Note that grab bars are essential for seniors.  These will not only assist with getting in and out of the tub and using the toilet but will also provide additional security in the event of a fall. 

4. Protecting Privacy in In-law Quarters

When you share your home with an additional family member, it’s urged to plan ahead so everyone can protect their privacy. Consider utilizing separate entryways for different family members. But even inside the home, you’ll want to think about who has constant access to which spaces to avoid unwanted interruptions.

Above all, prioritize planning and preparation for this matter. This project could lead to some costly errors, and the property may need a lot more maintenance in the future than is required.

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