3 Tips to Keep a Bathroom Remodel on Budget

3 Tips to Keep a Bathroom Remodel on Budget

Bathroom remodeling can be costly. Keeping track of all the expenses involved in the project — from purchasing materials to paying contractors and setting aside a contingency fund — is critical, especially if your budget is tight. Here are several tips on how to stay within budget during the remodel.

3 Tips to Keep a Bathroom Remodel on Budget

Understand the Project

First, always have an idea of what kind of improvements you want. If your budget is tight, differentiate between needs and wants, and prioritize the former.

Whether you’re undertaking basement finishing or bathroom remodeling, you need to prioritize functionality as well as aesthetics. For example, there is an important difference between installing tiles and new bathroom windows. Both can make the room look better, but if the window is still serviceable, you may want to prioritize fixing broken tiles first.

Plan Out Potential Costs

Once you have an idea of what you want, map out the costs of the project and then check for line items you can change or cut. Also, remember that anything can happen during the process. From unexpected issues to emergency home repair, these occurrences might derail your budget. Even if you plan out what you’ll spend, you also need to prepare for emergencies. Set aside a contingency fund so you won’t be caught unprepared during emergencies.

Check for Leftovers

Sometimes the most useful materials might come from previous remodeling projects. Look around and see what leftovers local sales offer you. You might find tiles or elegant plumbing from these places available at a great price. Check with your contractor to see if the material you are purchasing is up to industry standards.

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