Which Room in Your Home Should You Paint First?

Which Room in Your Home Should You Paint First?

Painting your home’s interior is a great way to enhance your home’s appearance. It’s also one of the most affordable upgrades compared to other home improvement projects. If you’re planning to paint the whole house, it’s best to prepare ahead, especially since you will be unable to use some of the rooms while they are being painted or until the paint is dry. 

Which Room in Your Home Should You Paint First?

Northside Construction Services, a leading home remodeling services provider, discusses the order you should follow when painting multiple rooms in your home. 

Bedrooms and Bathroom

Start with the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Once painted, you get to use them right away, so you don’t have to camp in your living room. After all the paint fumes are removed via ventilation and your belongings arranged back to their original place, you’ll love the way you feel when you go to bed and wake up to a bright, cheery room.


The kitchen is also one of the first few rooms in the house you should consider painting. If the kitchen is inoperable, you may not be able to cook meals, which means you’ll end up spending money on take-out food. When painting your kitchen, be sure to decide on the tone and the atmosphere, then extend that theme to the rest of the house. If you’re feeling bold, you may also want to add pops of color to your cabinets or accent walls. 

Living Room

The living room is typically the biggest room in the house, which means painting it could take a little longer. You should also take into consideration the time to move furniture and put drop cloths over items you want to protect. Since painting the living room can be quite disruptive, you may want to save this as the last room to paint in your painting project. 

Interior painting projects can be an overwhelming project to tackle, which is why they’re best left in the hands of the professionals. For your home painting needs, turn to Northside Construction Services. Our team also specializes in basement, kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Call us today at (678) 233-2400 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. We proudly serve homeowners in and around Evans and Augusta, GA.