What Is the Best Season to Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

What Is the Best Season to Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

It is feasible to paint the interior of your house at any time of the year — whether rainfall is gently tapping on your roof or the bright, hot sun is beaming in the sky. But it is an entirely different matter when you need to paint your house exterior since you are at the mercy of harsh elements you encounter. It is a smart move to adjust this home remodeling task around conditions that you cannot control, one being the weather. 

Best Season to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

The Ideal Season to Paint a House Exterior

A lot of people regard the summer season as the optimal time to paint house exteriors. This is because of the warmer and cozier weather generally felt outdoors. However, if you reside in a location that frequently experiences hurricanes or heavy rains toward the end of summer, make sure to start painting earlier on in the season. It is also important to avoid extremely hot, humid temperatures as they can prematurely cure paint, causing it to dry almost instantly.

Painting During the Fall Season

An important factor to consider before calling home painting services is temperature fluctuations. Keep in mind that paint does not dry well under varying temperatures. An example of this is an afternoon that reaches 105 degrees Fahrenheit but drops down to 43 degrees in the evening. This is why some residential owners prefer painting their homes during early fall as temperatures throughout the day are closer than during other months of the year.

Painting During the Winter Season

It is quite difficult to paint your house exterior during the frosty winter season. In fact, many paint manufacturers recommend a minimum outdoor temperature for painting. However, as the quality of paint improves, the minimum temperature requirement actually increases. It used to be a common recommendation to not paint a house in temperatures below 50 degrees, but modern formulas have made it possible to paint in temps as low as 35 degrees. It is still ideal to consult a professional in order to achieve the best results for your home.

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