Important Considerations When Planning a Sunroom Addition

Important Considerations When Planning a Sunroom Addition

Adding a sunroom can make your home more comfortable, beautiful and functional for the whole family. You can use the space as a home office, breakfast nook or second living room. In today’s post, Northside Construction Services, a top local home remodeling contractor, highlights some key factors to consider when planning your sunroom addition project.

What Is a Sunroom?

A sunroom is a bump-out structure that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your home. A full room addition is a home remodeling project that requires incorporating an electrical and HVAC system, as well as plumbing if necessary, while a sunroom does not. The feature that sets sunrooms apart the most is the use of “window walls.” Some designs dedicate up to 80% of the wall space for large, expansive glass windows.

The Cost of Adding a Sunroom

Compared to other home addition projects, building a sunroom is considerably more affordable. The total cost of adding a sunroom depends largely on the materials used in the construction. For example, a large sunroom with a new slab-on-grade foundation may be more expensive than small home addition.

Hiring a Contractor

While prefab sunrooms are available, many people still prefer hiring a remodeler to custom-build their sunrooms. You can also invest in home painting services to give your new sunroom a finish that is consistent with the overall design of the rest of your home.

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