Can You Have Your Home Painted During Pollen Season?

Can You Have Your Home Painted During Pollen Season?

Spring is generally a great time to tackle outdoor home improvement projects like a paint job. However, what about the pollen? Is it safe to paint your home’s exterior during pollen season? 

Read on as Northside Construction Services, a top exterior and bathroom remodeling contractor discusses.

Spring Pollen Season

Pollen from trees, grass and weeds is airborne and usually not visible. However, during spring, pine pollen can be so thick that you can sometimes see it floating in the air in sheets. On the days when pollen is heaviest, you may even see it build up on your siding.

Is It Safe to Paint Your Home on High Pollen Count Days?

Painting your home during spring pollen season shouldn’t be a problem as long as proper precautions are taken. It’s safe to schedule home repair and painting services at this time of the year. 

Before painting, your contractor should clean and prepare the surface of your siding. There should be no issues with painting your home’s exterior after washing because it is a vertical surface. The amount of pollen that sticks to the surface isn’t enough to affect the outcome of your project. Also, acrylic paints dry fast enough to prevent pollen from infiltrating the paint film to the extent that it would cause discoloration. Horizontal surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly before painting.

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