4 Ways to Maximize Your Sunroom’s Exposure to Natural Light

4 Ways to Maximize Your Sunroom’s Exposure to Natural Light

You don’t actually have to step outside to enjoy nature. With a well-designed sunroom, you can bring the outdoors into your home effortlessly. But to get the most of this space, you’ll need to make sure that it receives considerable exposure to natural light. Today, Northside Construction Services, the premier home remodeling contractor in the area, offers some useful tips.

Sunroom's Exposure to Natural Light

1. Take the room’s location into account. Having the sunroom face a shady location defeats the purpose. Make sure it’s placed in an area that receives ample sun exposure. The south and west corners are usually ideal because they’re considered the “warm sides” of the home. Don’t forget about the view as well. If there’s one area that allows you to see the sun rise and set, position the sunroom so one side faces the east and the other side faces the west.

2. Orient the skylights of your sunroom properly. Skylights should face north, east or west. You’ll want to avoid the south side; having the skylights face that direction can turn the sunroom into an oven. To provide consistent lighting in the space – with no shadowy corners – make sure the skylights are spaced evenly on the roof.

3. Add an overhang in the windows. This goes a long way in preventing glare in your sunroom. The path of the sun is usually higher in summer than in winter. An overhang can keep your sunroom shaded against glare in the middle of summer while still being illuminated by natural light. The overhang should be sized properly, so consult a trusted local remodeler for accurate measurements.

4. Install operable windows. You can keep your sunroom cool and comfortable by forgoing fixed windows and instead installing operable ones. Casement and double-hung windows, in particular, are excellent at providing ventilation. Just make sure to go for ones with fewer muntins so you can optimize the room’s viewing area and the natural light that the windows allow into the space.

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