4 Ways to Maximize Space in Small Bathrooms

4 Ways to Maximize Space in Small Bathrooms

One of the many issues about a small bathroom is the limited space. Without the right design, a small bathroom can feel cramped and even claustrophobic. Fortunately, there are ways to make your bathroom look and feel larger without breaking the bank.

4 Ways to Maximize Space in Small Bathrooms

 Northside Construction Services, Inc., a top local home repair and remodeling company, shares four design ideas that can transform a compact area into a space that feels open and airy.

1. Color Schemes

Repainting the interior of a small bathroom with lighter, softer shades helps in creating the illusion of space. Except for accessories, the use of dark, rich colors is not usually a good idea for small spaces.

2. Point of Focus

A small bathroom will look bigger when there is a certain element that serves as a focal point. A mirror or a piece of artwork can have a huge impact in such limited space.

3. Using Glass

Another idea that can help a small bathroom look more spacious is incorporating fixtures with glass. An example here would be swapping a frosted shower glass door with a clear one. This opens up the shower space, making the bathroom look larger. Bathroom remodeling may also involve cabinets, countertops or shelving that have reflective surfaces.

4. Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in maximizing space in small bathrooms. The use of recessed lighting instead of regular bulbs is perfect for this. They can be placed anywhere and focused on a particular task area.

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