4 Tips for Living Comfortably During a Home Renovation Project

4 Tips for Living Comfortably During a Home Renovation Project

Some people opt to vacate their home during a renovation project so they can avoid the disruption, while others choose to “tough it out” at home. There are pros and cons to both options, but staying at home is an appealing option to many because it’s more cost effective. In today’s post, Northside Construction Services, the trusted name in home painting services, shares tips for homeowners who choose to stay put during the construction.

4 Tips to Live Comfortably During a Home Renovation Project

1. Clean Up Every Day. At the end of each day, clean up the clutter to prevent dust and dirt build-up. This ensures that the dirt build-up won’t spread all over your home and get into tough-to-reach spots such as grout gaps, corners or behind your furniture. It also helps you stay sane.

2. Clear and Store the Displaced Items. Before the project starts, your home remodeling contractor will help you move furniture and other items away from the project area. It’s best to place them in a safe storage area that’s far from the project area. This ensures that they won’t be damaged or misplaced.

3. Designate an Area for Your Kids and Pets. Keep your pets and children away from the project area. They are the ones who may be the most uncomfortable during the remodeling project due to the noise, dust and unfamiliar atmosphere. If you can’t arrange for them to stay with a trusted friend or relative, designate a safe area in your home that’s away from the noise where they can stay until the work is done.

4. Continue to Live Life Normally. You don’t have to cease doing things that bring you joy just because of an ongoing remodeling project. Kick back, relax and try to enjoy the things that you usually do as a remodeling project won’t last forever. Even in the middle of a project, always remember that your home is going to come out better than before, for years to come!

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