Tips for Picking Your Basement Flooring

Basement finishing in Johns Creek GA, and the surrounding area, is a popular option for families looking to increase the living space in their home. If you’re thinking of undertaking this project, you have a lot of options in your future. One thing to keep in mind is how do you pick out flooring?


There are certain challenges to putting flooring down in basements. The subterranean level of homes can be:

  • Susceptible to Water: Many homes flood. You need to pick a floor that is water-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Lacking in Space: Some basements have a low ceiling height, so you want to add a low-profile floor.
  • Uneven: Not all basements are level. You need to properly prepare the concrete floor prior to installing your flooring option.

These challenges may seem like they limit the solutions you have, but there are still a lot of options available.


While you should think about a flooring’s ability to withstand water, you can still pick any kind of flooring you want. Depending on the home remodeling contractor you work with for your basement finishing in Johns Creek, or the nearby area, you may be able to choose from:

  • Engineered Wood: A beautiful option, but can start to swell or buckle due to excessive moisture
  • Carpet: Makes a space feel homey, but can be hard to clean up
  • Ceramic Tile: Highly water-resistant, tile helps preserve head space because it can be installed directly on the concrete slab
  • Concrete: A finished concrete flooring is easy to clean, but it can be cold
  • Vinyl: Vinyl can look like stone, wood or ceramic flooring and withstands water well

With all of these options, you are able to pick the flooring that best complements your style and use for the space.

Talk With an Expert

If you’re working on a basement finishing in Johns Creek GA, or the local area, you need to work with an expert. That’s why you should choose Northside Construction Services. We offer many different flooring options, and can install them in your basement, kitchen, bathroom. or any other room of your home. Contact us today for a free estimate.