Planning for the Unexpected

Do you keep thinking about home remodeling in Evans, GA, or the local area? If you have been bitten by the home improvement bug, you may be looking for tips on planning your project. Whether you want to do an addition, a remodel or a renovation, you are going to have to learn how to plan for the unexpected.

Figure Out Your Plan

Before you can actually start planning, you need to scope out the project first. If you need to tear down walls, your contingency plan may need to be larger than if you are simply painting walls. Once your plan has been decided, you will be better prepared if your start thinking about what might go wrong. Your Augusta, GA contractor may be able to help you better understand your risks.

Build a Contingency

Your plan should consist of a budget and a schedule. Before you get started on your actual project, you need to set up a contingency for both of these aspects. A contingency is simply something extra in either your budget or timetable meant to cover unexpected expenses or delays.

For the budget, you need to keep some money in the reserves earmarked for those unexpected plumbing or electrical issues. Some experts suggest you have anywhere from 15 to 20 percent extra just in case anything needs to get changed last minute.

When these unexpected problems do arise, your schedule may also get thrown off a bit. Think about how quickly you are hoping this project of bathroom remodeling or basement finishing in Evans, GA, or the local area, gets completed. Now add 20 percent more time for the unexpected.

Work With a Professional

By building this contingency of both money and time, you are giving yourself and your team of experts some breathing room. If nothing goes wrong, you will be pleasantly surprised by an early completion and a little extra money left in your wallet. In order to better understand what you can do to plan for your home remodeling in Evans, GA, be sure to talk with your contractor, Northside Construction Services. We are a full remodeling company that strives for complete customer satisfaction. Call us today to learn more about our services, or planning for your next remodeling project.