8 Tips for Success When Painting an Older House

8 Tips for Success When Painting an Older House

Giving an older house a fresh coat of paint can be a transformative endeavor, breathing new life into its appearance and enhancing its overall charm. However, the process involves more than just choosing the right color and applying it to the walls. Older houses often have unique challenges that require careful consideration to achieve a successful and long-lasting paint job. Northside Construction Services, a trusted home remodeling contractor, provides eight tips to ensure that your painting project goes smoothly and yields impressive results.

Success When Painting an Older House

1. Thoroughly Inspect and Prepare Surfaces

Older homes often have weathered and uneven surfaces, which can make proper paint adhesion a challenge. Thoroughly inspect the surfaces of the home and identify areas that need repair. Patch cracks and holes, sand uneven surfaces and replace any rotted or damaged wood. Using a high-quality primer will help create a smooth, even surface for the paint to adhere to, ensuring a more durable and visually appealing finish.

Old houses also tend to accumulate dust, dirt and grime over the years. Cleaning the surfaces using a mild detergent and water or a pressure washer can help the paint adhere better and ensure a clean, even finish.

2. Address Lead Paint Concerns

Aged houses that are beyond two decades old may have been painted with lead-based paint, which poses health risks during the scraping and sanding stages of painting. Before starting any work, test for lead-based paint. If lead is detected, follow safety protocols to minimize the risks of lead exposure. This includes using proper protective gear, containing dust and debris and considering professional lead paint removal if necessary.

3. Choose High-Quality Paints

Invest in high-quality exterior paints that are designed to withstand the elements. Such products tend to offer better coverage, color retention and durability, which are particularly important for older houses with weathered surfaces.

4. Use a Primer

Applying a primer before the paint can help create a strong bond between the surface and the new coat of paint. It also helps in covering stains and providing an even base for the paint color.

5. Test Paint Colors

Older homes can have a mix of materials, from wood to masonry, each requiring specific types of paint for optimal results. Selecting the right colors can also be challenging due to changes in lighting and surroundings over time. Consult home remodeling experts who can recommend the appropriate type of paint for each surface. For choosing colors, test paint samples on a small area of the home to see how they appear in different lighting conditions.

6. Follow Proper Application Techniques

Invest in quality brushes, rollers and other painting tools. Apply the paint using proper techniques, such as using even strokes and avoiding excess paint that can lead to drips and uneven surfaces.

7. Consider the House’s Style

Older homes often have unique architectural details and historical significance that you’ll want to preserve while giving the property a fresh look. Research the history and architectural style of the home before choosing paint colors. Look for historical color palettes that align with the home’s era and style. This can help you maintain the property’s authenticity while still achieving a refreshed appearance. Consider highlighting or accentuating the home’s unique features with complementary paint choices.

8. Be Mindful of the Weather

Timing is crucial when painting an older house. Choose a period of stable weather with mild temperatures and low humidity. Extreme conditions can affect the paint’s application and drying process.

Bring Back Your Home’s Former Glory With Professional Painting  

Taking advantage of professional home painting services is the key to preserving the character of an old home. At Northside Construction Services, we have a team of skilled painters who understand the intricacies of older homes. They’re trained to highlight architectural details and choose hues that complement the house’s age. With us, you can expect top-notch results that breathe new life into your home.

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