4 Bathroom Projects That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

4 Bathroom Projects That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, and with the right improvements, can significantly boost your home’s value. The following are some bathroom projects you should consider:

4 Bathroom Projects That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

  1. Bathroom Remodeling – A complete bathroom remodeling project involves a total makeover: you can strip everything and start anew. In addition to improving how your bathroom looks, this is also an opportunity to reevaluate its functionality. For instance, if you’re not using your bathtub as much, why not have it converted to a shower enclosure? If you’re planning on aging in place, consider additions such as grab bars and walk-in tubs.

  2. Update the Bathroom Fixtures – If a full-scale remodel isn’t in the cards, start by upgrading basic features like the bathroom fixtures. Doing so won’t just address issues such as dripping faucets or issues with the plumbing; it can also dramatically improve the bathroom’s aesthetics. For example, changing your existing fixtures to white adds a modern look, especially if your current fixtures are made with colored enamel. The best part is that this project won’t break the bank.

  3. Install New Tile – New tiles let you update the look of your bathroom, especially when the project includes replacing the backsplash. There are so many styles and textures to choose from: choose classic white tiles, or perhaps natural materials like marble. Since the outer layer of the bathroom walls will be stripped, this can also be an opportunity to get some home repair done by addressing plumbing issues.

  4. Upgrade the Shower – Current trends indicate that big walk-in showers are becoming the preferred bathroom improvement over bathtubs. New glass enclosures are now very popular with homeowners who have limited bathroom space, since they make the bathroom look more spacious. Instead of the typical wall-attached shower head, consider rainfall showerheads. Improvements that increase functionality without sacrificing style are a good way to boost your home’s value.

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